Johnson fused AC plug for Rangers

Russ Hunt wq3x at POSTOFFICE.PTD.NET
Sun Sep 12 14:10:55 EDT 1999

There were a couple recent messages on this subject. I did find a fused plug
in the electric fence supply section of our locaI Central Tractor Farm and
Country branch today. The plug I bought is a DARE 1624 Fused Plug "for
electric fences that utilize one amp fuse holders on the AC cord". It is
packaged evidently by American FarmWorks as Part # 07063-92 and sold by CT
as P/N 17982-113.

Central Tractor has a large mail order catalog and stores at least in
Upstate NY and PA where I've lived.
The price is $3.99 plus tax if you are not a real farmer. (If this was a
Collins item, someone would buy them all out and then sell them for $25
each... oops, did I really say that?) I still think two-wire AC cords are
scary so use that ground stud on the back panel please.

Russ WQ3X
wq3x at

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