Bargain plate xmfrs?

Lane Zeitler zeitler at IBM.NET
Tue Sep 14 21:53:25 EDT 1999

For those of you looking to build an amp in the near future......

Rcv'd the new C&H catalog today (1-800-325-9465) out of Anaheim, CA.

Page 64 has two power xmfrs that look interesting:

1. AVCO Corp. #TF4SX0244. 208-220 vac primary at 60hz. Secondary is 700V at
2 amps!!!!!!!!!!!! Catalog says OR 700vct at 4amps. Kind of big though at
11" X 9" X 8 3/4" and HEAVY at 95 pounds. Price is $79.50 which is so good I
might order one and build a quad 811A deck using a E doubler PS. I love
heavy iron.

2. PEK #T505-1725. Primary is 115vac 60hz. Sec. is 1000vct at 500mA. 9" wide
by 8 1/4" high by 5 1/2" deep. Weight is 40 pounds. Price is $99.50. There
is a picture of this one and it does not look very rugged and 40 pounds
indicates it might not be nearly as rugged as #1.

I just thought you gents might want to consider one of these if building an
811A deck in the future. I plan on calling them in the morning to see how
much shipping would run for the 95 pounder to San Diego. Also want to see if
they can give me a secondary resistance reading with the primary shorted. It
SOUNDS like a good deal.

Would also work good for some 3CX800A7s, 3CX400s, 4CX400s. If I buy one I'll
let the group know what I get at the secondary with 240vac in (they say it
is rated at 208 to 220).

Lane Zeitler

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