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Ken Simpson W8EK at FDT.NET
Wed Sep 15 11:09:48 EDT 1999

I have a variety of Heath items for sale:

Heath AM-2 SWR bridge.  This is the one that matches
the DX-40, etc., and is the grayish silver color.  Very
good paint and crinkle finish.  A scratch on left side.
A "condensed manual" is included, at least that is what
Heath has stamped on it.   $ 25

Heath HW-29 "Sixer" lunchbox xcvr.  This one has to be
the nicest one I have seen in at least 20 years.  The paint
is all great, and so is the crinkle finish.  In fact there does
not even seem to be any dust in the "crinkles."  The
front does have a hole where an external crystal was used.
$ 50

Heath SB-600 speaker.  This is the one that matches the
SB-100/101/102, SB-300/301/303, etc.  This particular
speaker looks fine from the front, but the gray outer case
is not as good.  If you are a collector, you might want to
repaint it, but it is certainly very usable as it is.  Manual
is included for $40.

Heath HM-102 HF wattmeter.  Heath green color, with
200 and 2000 watt scales, along with SWR.  Good shape
in all respects.  $ 40

Desk Microphone.  This one is "almost" Heath.  It is the
same brown PTT desk mic that Heath sold to go with a
variety of rigs, only this one has the ElectroVoice label
on it.  (EV 622)   $ 40

Heath low voltage power supply. It is the Heath IP-27. It is a
low voltage power supply, fully adjustable from about 0.5 Volts
to 50 Volts. It also has current limiting that is built in and
adjustable from a couple ma up to 1.5 amps. There is also
a nice large meter for measuring current or voltage. The
supply is "floating", so can be used for either plus or minus
supplies. It is the "Heath Brown" color. Manual included. $100

I also have the following Heath manuals available. All are in good

IO-103 Five inch scope $ 10

GR-2000 TV Set $ 10
GR-2050 TV Set - Five book set $ 18
GRA-2000-1 TV Clock $ 3
GRA-601 TV Clock $ 5

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-Mail to W8EK at fdt.net  or W8EK at juno.com
Voice Phone  (352)  732-8400

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