Collins Goodies 4 Sales, and EXTRAS

Leo KJ6HI radioleo at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Sep 17 03:05:29 EDT 1999

I have a few "COLLINS" goodies 4 Sale...
They will also be at the TRW swapmeet in the city of Manhattan Beach,
Cross streets Aviation Blvd, and Marine Blvd. Date 9/25/99 Saturday 7:00 -
11:00 A.M. The location of the swapmeet is 4 miles south of LAX, and 2
miles west of the (405) San Diego Freeway...Well here is the list........

Collins 75S-3 RX winged
Collins 32S-3 TX winged
Collins 516F-2 with speaker...$1200.00

Collins KWM-2A (round emblem) S/N 36210  &
Collins 516F-2 (round emblem) S/N 60052....$2200.00
Very very clean, and all original

Collins KWM-2A (winged emblem) S/N 17829 &
Collins 516F-2 (winged emblem) S/N 15610.....$1200.00

Collins KWM-2A was converted from a KWM-2 winged &
Collins PM-2 power supply...........$900.00

Collins 312B-5 winged $800.00
Collins 312B-4 winged $275.00
Collins 312B-4 winged $275.00
Collins 312B-3 winged $275.00
Collins MP-1 $99.00

Collins 30L-1 winged $550.00
Collins 30L-1 winged $550.00

Collins 75S-3C winged converted from a 75S-3B $1100.00
Collins 75S-3B winged $800.00

Collins 32S-3 winged &
Collins 516F-2 winged...... $800.00
Collins 32S-1 winged  &
Collins 516F-2 winged ........$550.00

Rotor control in a Collins 312B-3 speaker case. IT LOOKS VERY GOOD

Watkins Johnson WJ-8718-23 Receiver $399.00
I have a Watkins Johnson WJ-8718-23 receiver in cosmetically good to
very good condition serial number 1 (ONE). Comes with a copy of the
instruction manual.  It lights up but needs some service, a friend of
mine said the situation is
on the digital board, a little burn mark also  some resistors may need
to be replaced on another board connecting to the digital board. He
said its defintely fixable. The case, and front panel look good, a few
push buttons may need replacement. The price is $399.00 plus shipping,
because it need service.
I have a very very heavy duty shipping box for it now.

Ham II $78.00
Brand New Hygain Ham IV (never used) $200.00
Swan 350, with 117XAC powersuppl/speaker works great $130.00
Daiwa CN-720 wattmeter/ SWR 1.8 to 150 MHZ $80.00
Palomar noise bridge $30.00
Palomar PT-340 Tuner-Tuner $40.00

I should have 6 SIX Kenwood R-5000 receivers by the swap meet excellent
$275.00 each.
ONE parts Kenwood R-5000 $80.00 some boards are missing. The case and the
front panel are excellent....
 I have 4 Sale some Very Nice 19 " Custom Rack Mounts. Color is dark
 and they are in excellent condition. The front panel of the rack mount
 the opening for the radio, plus an external speaker mounted in the
 panel. It also has 2 handles. The measurement of the opening is about
 10 1/2
 inches in width, and 3 5/8 inches in height. The radio Does Not need
 to be
 out of the case for installation.

 They  were made for the Kenwood R-5000 receiver. The height, and width
 of this
 Receiver is almost identical to the TS-440S, TS-430S, TS-670S so you
 can use
 it for those models. Other Kenwood Models that have similar height,
 width are TS140S, TS-680S, TS-450S, TS-690S, and TS-570D/S. Please
 all the models I stated above all use the same mobile mounting
 bracket, its
 the Kenwood MB-430. So all the radios widths are the same  $40.00 each

Kenwood VS-1 voice synthesizer will fit these models:  $59.00 each
(TS-940S, TS-440S, R-5000, TS-711A,TS-811A, TR-751A,
TR-851A,TS-670S,TM-3530A,TM-2530A,TM-2550A,TM-2570A, and TW-4000A.

Kenwood TU-6 fits these units:  (2 UNITS NEW IN THE BOX)
TH-21A,TH-31A,TH-41A, and TR-50  $39.00 each

Kenwood TU-4C fits these model this model TW-4000A  $35.00 each

Kenwood YK-88C filter fits these units: $55.00 each
and R-5000.

Kenwood YK-88CN filters fits these units:  $55.00 each
AND R-5000.

Kenwood YK-88SN filters fits these models:
TS-130S,TS-130SE,TS-430S,TS-440S,TS-530S,TS-530SP, and R-5000.  $55.00 each

Kenwood IC-10, chips for the TS-440S, and the R-5000  $50.00 each

Kenwood IF-232C interface unit  $55.00 each

 Johnsn Viking low pass filter $20.00 each
 miltary brand new headsets $15.00 each

Lots, and Lots of misc stuff.........

73, Leo KJ6HI
Ph/Fax (310) 670-6969

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