items for sale part 1

wachunga wachunga at XOOMMAIL.COM
Thu Sep 23 09:35:46 EDT 1999

hello the following items are for sale. this is part
one of the once a month repeat list. all of it must go !

see them at:

 1. RCP "DO-ALL" vtvm in good condition and
    appears to work ok. front panel very nice
    and case has some minor wear. non-original
    leather handle. no probes. $20

 2. TS-268/U crystal rectifier test set in
    good condition. has paper insert in lid.
    schematic inside. stamped inside "MFP JULY
    1945" some battery muck on holder and case
    rear corner. works ! used it to match many
    sets of germanium diodes. $20

 3. SENCO model LC2 leakage checker in fair/good
    shape. works. checks caps and a very limited
    group of 7 pin, 9 pin and octal tubes. some
    muck from sitting. eye tube indicator $15

 4. HEATH V-4 vtvm in good shape. front panel is
    very nice. appears to be all original and is
    working. meter has minor yellowing. case has
    paint chip top front and minor wear. some
    docs. no probes. no ugly batt mess ! $25

 5. HEATH V-6 vtvm in fair/good shape. front panel
    is nice. appears to work ok but has been idle
    on shelf for years. case top is missing paint.
    some docs. no probes. meter has small crack
    in top left (hard to see). no batt mess ! $20

 6. EICO 495 oscope voltage calibrator in fair to
    good shape. generates 1 volt ac and 3 other
    ranges. works well. some discoloration on the
    front panel. 2 tube design. all original $20

 7. NYE MBI-001 antenna matching unit in very good
    condition. works very well ! built in watt
    meters (150w forward and 30w reverse). has a
    22 posisition inductor. very nice front panel
    and the case has some minor wear . spots in
    web photo are stick on dots. nice nye viking
    logo ! $85

 8. 7 pin and 9 pin socket test adapters. 9 pin
    is military surplus. 7 pin looks like 60-70
    commercial mfg. both are in good shape and
    work fine. $10 each

 9. five misc panel meters:
    a. wacline 100-0-100ma $5
    b. phastron mr26w050dcvvr 0-50vdc fair condx $3
    c. simpson 0-200ma dc in good shape $10
    d. lambda 0-350vdc $7
    e. simpson 0-500ma dc good shape $10

10. meters/misc:
    a. burlington mr36w001dcaa 0-1dca fair condx $7
    b. simpson mr24w500dcma in fair/good shape $10
    e. RF choke on ceramic form. nice $5
    f. clipper foot switch. heavy duty up to 20a
       at 125v. long cord. nice shape under some
       minor muck $10

11.  mct p-3150 power transformer. inclosed. pri 115.
     sec 325-325 v ct 40 ma, 5 v 2a and 6.3 2a. NOS
     in box thats kind of beat up $20

13.  mct c-2991 choke. 2.25 henry at 250ma. 53 ohm.
     NOS in box thats kind of beat up. $15

15.  nye viking phone patch in very good condition
     w/partial docs copy. $20

16.  zenith am bcst receiver 5 tube design in fair-
     good condition. seems to work ok some muck-and
     dust. nice looking $20

all plus ups. thanks 73 tom

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