List rules - Read!!

Thu Sep 23 17:32:55 EDT 1999

Greetings folks,

There are some common 'need to know' things about lists that I'd like to
remind you all of.  And remember, we are all guest here, and it requires
everyone to treat each other with respect in order for two or more people to
get along.  It also takes a rule or two for a clear baseline.

First, we all have opinions.  There is no right or wrong in an opinion.  You
might agree or disagree, but that does NOT make it right or wrong.  That's
called individuality.  We all live in different realities.  One person might
have been a ham for 50 years and hovers over a hot soldering iron fixing
tube gear all day and another is a teen getting his ticket and a hand held
for the first time.  Is one life better than the other?  Is one a better
'ham' than the other?  On these lists....the answer is NO.  They are both
people, they have feelings, they have a life (everyone does by the way) and
they have opinions.  And, both are welcome.  I've met a lot of people who
like to bring down people around them so they can feel stronger.  I hope
that those of you who see those types of posts will not respond.  It's
kinda' like ignoring jammers....they go away from lack of interest.  Let
those threads die sure helps me and the other hundreds on the

Virus warnings.  DON'T!!  Never, ever post virus warnings on the
lists...period.  99% of them are a hoax.  And, by now most people who have
learned that you don't open attachments in your e-mail unless you know
EXACTLY what it is...  It's time to take responsibility for living in the
e-mail world and learn how to protect yourself.  Of course, that's just my

And, do not start any threads on this message.  This is simply a gental
reminder to the guests of the Tempe lists - and even though not all lists
have had trouble, I posted it to all three ham lists.  Sorry for the
bandwidth and I hope this has helped clear up some questions.

Enjoy your stay....and remember to click your heels three times and say "I
will stay on topic, I will stay on topic, I will stay on topic..."

Thanks and 73

List Admin

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