HEY!!! It's TODAY!! (Sunday)

Sun Sep 26 11:41:53 EDT 1999

What is, Why "CX," of course!

     The bi-annual (twice yearly, as opposed to biennial) event when we
encourage you to take all our BA's for a run - or to at least crank up
our brand new gear and WORK all the fabled rigs of yesteryear.

     Today - Sunday, September 26, 1999

     3 PM to midnight EDT for those of you in Casco, Myrtle Beach,
Girard, Sandusky or Richmond (KY or VA).

     2 PM to 11 PM CDT for those in Lake Forest, Evanston, Springfield
(IL), Biloxi and Ocean Springs.

     1 PM to 10 PM MDT for those in Great Falls and Belt.

     and Noon to 9 PM PDT for everyone in Lompoc

     In Nakhon Phanom..... Hmmmm... that was twelve hours - no,
thirteen from Central.. was that standard or daylight..  Heck - that's
from 1900Z 26 Sep to 0400Z 27 Sep 99

     Well, you got the idea - if you read this Monday, try again the
last Sunday of February.  If within the above time constraints, get off
the darn computer and fire up the rig(s), and CU in CX!

     73,  Al  N5AIT

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