FS: GR-1611B and a great tube audio bi-amp

Richard Post post at OUVAXA.CATS.OHIOU.EDU
Tue Sep 28 18:20:35 EDT 1999

Very nice and good working General Radio 1611B capacitance bridge.  $75 or
best offer plus UPS shipping from 45701.  No manual but has operating
instructions in lid.  The AC power connector has been professionally
replaced to accept the standard computer-style power cord (included).   The
switch on the upper right has a paper label marked "HV switch" which I
assume is a mod used to allow the unit to go to standby by cutting B+.
The tuning eye has an excellent green display.  Pix are at:




The audio bi-amp monobloc is a Magnavox 148-GR.   $60 or best offer.  Add
for UPS from zip 45701.   This very well-made amp has an electronic
crossover at the input side.  Works great.  It sports EIGHT 6V6 output
tubes and two 5U4 rectifiers.   Lots of audio power.  Six of the 6V6 tubes
run in push-pull parallel for the woofer side and two are used in push-pull
for the tweeters.  Has two 12AX7, one for each side.

This amp is easy to modify into two full-frequency amps by simply
by-passing the crossover.  Includes the schematic and other Sams 340-10
photofact info.    Has line-level RCA input jack.

Connect this to your preamp, (or your R-390 and forget Kleronemos), or turn
your Juke Box into stereo with this excellent amp.



Rich KB8TAD   <postr at ohiou.edu>

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