SP600 parts needed for project radio

J. Douglas Hensley nfmk at JUNO.COM
Tue Sep 28 23:14:05 EDT 1999

Hello everyone,

Still looking for these parts for my SP-600 JX-14:

Original manual:

Crystal position control knob (Knurled metal)
(upper right hand corner near the little chart)

Ball-end toggle switches (5 involved)

Equipment model name plate for R274 (52 mfg) about 1" x 3-3.5"
Or any close cousin which will baffle and mystify the archeologists.

Any cabinet style "Hammarlund" nameplate

Top and bottom mu metal covers

VFO cut in switch and feed through
(From the back of the xtal switch over to the VFO
there is a switch on top of the VFO which is thrown
in when that position is asked for: I need that switch)


Tube shields  (IERC preferred)

Tube hold down hat clips and posts (power supply tube hardware)

Flare cup washers for the
OEM Hammarlund military rack handles

Also looking for an outboard power supply for the SP-200-LX

Thanks in advance for any leads.

-=73=-  DE NFMK AR

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