Eico keyer and VTVM for sale

Ken Simpson W8EK at FDT.NET
Wed Sep 29 13:28:29 EDT 1999

I have two Eico items for sale:

Eico 717 Electronic Keyer.  This is an old one.  The
original manual (included) says 1966.  It uses 6 tubes,
with the power supply included in the cabinet.  The function
switch has off-tune-operate positions.  There are 4 course
speed ranges set by a switch, with a pot for fine speed
control.  A fairly large speaker is built in for sidetone, with
controls for volume and tone. Output is with a relay, so it
will key either positive or negative voltages.

This one is in great shape.  The front panel is silver aluminum
color, with the case being a bluish gray.  I can only find
one scratch about 1/4 inch long on it, and it might even rub

A great collectors item for $70, including original manual.

I also have an Eico 232 VTVM.  Most everyone knows what
these are, as they were fairly standard at the time.  DC Volts,
AC Volts (including peak to peak), Ohms.  This one
looks great, and seems to function fine also.  Manual
included for $25.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-Mail to W8EK at fdt.net or W8EK at juno.com
Voice Phone  (352)  732-8400

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