Trade: ITT/Mackay 3010-B rcvr

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Sat Apr 1 02:22:51 EST 2000

> ITT/Mackay 3010-B rcvr. Covers .7 to 30 mhz continuous. It does NOT  have
> the 500hz or 3.1khz filter, only the 6kz. Sounds great though, even on
> Operationally very good although a few of the switches are scratchy. The
> tape drive is a bit loose. If you turn the vfo too fast the tape will come
> off of the spool and you have to reset it up. I think one of the springs
> loose that is used to hold it down. I really like the rcvr but the tape
> drives me nuts. No cabinet. No extra holes in the front panel or chassis
> anywhere. This was a rack mount unit used on a commercial research vessel
> from one of the universities. Front panel is decent, around a 7 out of 10.
> Chassis could use a good cleaning. No severe corrosion. As I type this I
> listening to the rcvr on 3.840 LSB and it really sounds great. BUT, this
> not my dream rcvr so I would like to trade it for either an Icom R-70 rcvr
> or an HF amp. Prefer local pick up so you can test it but will ship via
> ground if I have to. We will have to work that out. I have a very good
> of the manual. This thing is rock stable after a 30 min warmup.
> So the bottom line is a trade for an Icom R-70 or an Hf amp. I can throw
> some $$ depending on what amp you have. Will consider one with or without
> tubes, depends on what you have.
> Serial number on the rcvr is M0055 so it is an early one.
> No I do NOT want to sell, trade only. Sorry, no pictures available.
> Lane
> Ku7i
> San Diego

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