FS: MacKay 3010B & amp plate xmfr

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Mon Apr 3 09:50:52 EDT 2000

I have located an Icom R-70 but the since the owner is not interested in a
> trade I now must sell the MacKay 3010-B vice trade. Here is the poop:
> ITT/MacKay 3010-B rcvr. Serial number M0055. Rack mount version/no
> Covers 700khz to 30 mhz continious. No optional filters, just the 6kc
> filter. Naturally this rcvr sounds great, both am and ssb. If it did not
> have this bizzare measuring tape tuning thing I would probably keep it
> because the audio is outstanding. I am running the speaker output of the
> rcvr into a small mono audio amp into a large communications speaker. The
> audio out of the rcvr is 1watt which maybe good enough for some of you but
> my hearing stinks.
> Operationally it is very good but the switches are scratchy (not all). The
> tape/tuning drive is a bit loose and if you turn the VFO too fast it slips
> off of the spools like the old reel-to-reel decks of yesteryear. I hear
> it is the springs. If they are replaced then reportedly the tuning tape
> stay put. Apparently this is common with these rcvrs.
> No extra holes anywhere. Front panel is decent, around a 7 out of 10. With
> TLC will clean up nicely. Chassis has the typical 30 year layer of gunk.
> major corrosion. The unit does not have am, cw, or ssb modes, just bfo on
> off but it sounds outstanding in all modes. It works like a champ BUT
> I really want an R-70 this is now for sale to pay for that. No pictures,
> sorry.
> $375 shipped lower 48. Payment by money order only.
> I still have the large Aiyden Industries plate xmfr. This is the big
> commercial unit that has primary for 208/220/240 and a secondary of 3300
> 4400 center tapped (or 1/2 of 3300/4400 each side of CT) at 1.75 amps CCS.
> This is a brute and is 150 pounds so pick up only please in San Diego.
> Measures about 17" tall by 11" by 11". Price is $175 pick up only. Payment
> by money order.
> Lane
> Ku7i
> San Diego

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