Telegraph licenses

Fri Apr 14 21:27:57 EDT 2000

     I held the First Radiotelephone (Ship Radar Endorsement)
and Second Radiotelegraph tickets, as did my older brother
Ben K9KOM.  Both of us did time as radio officer on a cruise
ship (SS North American, WTBA).

     I took the tests in 1959 at the FCC office in the old
Federal Courthouse building in Chicago (whole 'nother
story in that...).  Tests were fill-in-the-blank, some
multiple choice, and of course drawing schematics from

     One had several schematics drawn, unidentified, and the
job was to (1) if they were OK, leave them alone; (2) if they
were flawed, fix 'em.  I remember one was an FM circuit with
which I was not familiar, so could not judge it...  I crossed
it off and drew one I knew would work...

     All code tests, amateur and commercial, required one
minute solid copy (out of five minutes sent) to pass, and
the commercial was 16 wpm, five-letter groups - so there
was no going back and filling in a missing letter or two.

     73,  Al  N5AIT

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