talen talen at INETPORT.COM
Sat Apr 15 10:48:17 EDT 2000

Today I was making some copies of a couple of interesting old
schematics I came across for a friend and made some extras.
Free for a SASE (I'm OK in any callbook for the last 25 years).

One is a hand drawn schematic for the "official" Pasadena Amateur
Radio Club (Pasadena, Tx) 75m AM Transmitter using a 6AQ5
modulated by a 6AQ5 with a 6C4 osc and 12AU7 audio amp tube.
Dated 1959-1960.

The second is a copy (heavily marked up by a 16 year
of the "TO Keyer" schematic provided by Madison Electronics in
Houston when you bought a PC board and the mercury relay from
them. It's dated 6/6/61.

73s  Kees K5BCQ

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