TW-1000 "suitcase radio" FS

Al Parker anchor at COASTALNET.COM
Sun Apr 16 07:55:04 EDT 2000

Hi folks,
        I have a nice operating TW-1000 for sale.  This was Hallicrafters'
"answer" to the Zenith TransOceanic.  
        I have been using this on on our glassed-in porch for several weeks, but
am working on an SX-42 as a replacement there.  My wife has agreed to 1 BA
there, I'm hoping she'll relent and allow the SX-28 also, when it's done.
        This rcvr is very sensitive (in my estimation), particularly in view of
its self contained loop antenna.  It also has the extra loopstick meant for
"remote" hanging, on a curtain rod, or originally on a window with the now
stiff suction cups.
        I have completely aligned it (not a real fun job), it's operating well on
all bands, with close dial calibration.  The case is black fabric covered,
in good condition.  The carrying strap is missing, I don't have a local
"cobbler" to find/make a leather one.  The whip antenna's smallest section
had been broken, has been soldered by a previous owner, and doesn't slip
down into the next section, thus about 2 inches stick out from the top,
tho' it will extend fully.  This may be fixable by a sure hand.  The
battery shelf shows no evidence of leakage.
        price $150, plus shipping.  Incl. copy of op manual, & svc manual.  Will
gladly answer any further questions.  Trade for HT-44.

Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
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