Testing 6146B/8298A with a 177/b

Al Parker anchor at COASTALNET.COM
Tue Aug 1 11:52:03 EDT 2000

Hi Jim,
        I'm sure there's an interest, at least I am.
tnx, 73,
Al, W8UT

At 04:39 PM 08/01/2000 +0100, Jim Strohm wrote:
>The late, lamented magazine Ham Radio published plans for a very simple
>6146 tester that gave a reasonably good indication of transconductance
>(though not a calibrated one) that was good enough to make matched pairs.
>If you or anybody on the list would like, I could put a copy out on the web.
>IIRC, it took only a transformer, a resistor, a capacitor, a milliammeter,
>a switch and a socket.

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