[Drake] Tube Testing Question

Bill Abate wabate at EROLS.COM
Wed Aug 2 14:08:11 EDT 2000

The 6JB6's in the drake rigs have their filaments connected in series.
They must both be in the transmitter for measurements. I disconnect the
screen and plate from the 'dummy' tube to test the other.  (Note the
TR-4 is slightly different in the filament hookup because there are
three finals.)

73 es GL,

Bill Abate, K3PGB

Rick Stealey wrote:
> >I have some 6JB6 tubes that I want to test and match.
> >Any suggestions as to how I can test and match them with the equipment I
> >have.
> Simple -
> Put one of them in a Drake transmitter that is unplugged.  Then turn it on,
> key up in the ssb mode with no mic connected, read the plate current.  It
> should be around 30 ma.  If not, set it to 30 ma with the bias control on
> the PS.  Then TURN OFF THE RIG, SHORT the plate cap to ground, and put in
> the 2nd tube, and do the same.
> Rick  K2XT
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