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Fri Aug 4 21:09:46 EDT 2000

Yesterday a friend of the Veterans Memorial Museum brought in a very nice
1944 era, SCR-300 manpack transceiver (BC-1000). I remember these heavy
pack radios very well. This one is in really good condition considering its
age and is very complete. It has the lip mike, the ear sets, the hand set,
both the long and the short antenna and the waist strap with pad. However
it is missing the shoulder harness and the tech manual.

If there is anyone out there with a shoulder harness for an SCR-300 or a
tech manual TM-11-242 that might like to donate them to complete this set
we'd be delighted to hear from you.

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         -- Wayne G.(ASA, 1948-1952; AHS, TRRS, FEC; 0799, 3239, 1801)

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