Nostalgia and Dead Pans.

Fred E Holnagel w7prv at JUNO.COM
Sat Aug 5 09:52:10 EDT 2000

Re: the dead-panned faced examiners. We had a good one in the early 50's
in the Seattle area. Caught him smiling several times. Further re:
Gov't. Military Installations and security. For about a year, I worked
with a civilian mechanical contractor in a very  secure installation just
West of Seattle. My job was to go there once a week and make progress
estimates. Now, for 52 times I appeared there in front of the same
people, filled out the paper work, tried to strike up a conversation with
the guards only to be met with stoney faces regardless of my beguiling
smile. On my last visit there I commented to the forces on how very
efficient and professional they all were ................. all except for
one thing. That brought everyone to attention . "What do you mean, one
thing?" they asked. With a big smile I replied, "Each week that I've
signed out of here, I've stolen your pen!" I had not only smiles but
guffaws! Fred W7PRV

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