FS: New miniature tubes, reduced...

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Aug 13 17:56:08 EDT 2000

For Sale:  Miniature tubes.

I went by the AES prices (which are already well below typical retail list prices
if you can even find these excellent tubes new any more!)

I would rather sell all of them or in groups, so they are priced accordingly.

Will sell for 50% off the AES price! These are really give-away prices to make room in the
shack. Stock up while you have the opportunity. All are brand new in boxes.

QTY      TUBE      BRAND
5           6AK5      TUNG-SOL with sleeve $8.00 for all
15         6AG5      G.E. with two sleeves $20.00 for all
8           6BN6      DUMONT with sleeve  $18.00 for all
5           6BU8      DUMONT with sleeve $9.00 for all
5           6GH8A   G.E. with sleeve $8.00 for all
12         6J6A       G.E. will sell all for $17.00
5           6J6         SYLVANIA with sleeve  $7.00 for all
4           6J6         2-RCA, 2-G.E. $5.00 for all

Will sell all the above for $75.00

Shipping is additional.

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