FS: 6m Gonset Comm IV

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Aug 27 09:56:59 EDT 2000

GONSET COMMUNICATOR IV 6m AM Transceiver Model 3342.
Excellent condition. Comes with 18 crystals. Also included is the
Astatic microphone and standard mounting clip. Built-in speaker.
Tunable receiver covers 49.9 to 54.1 MHz with the 50-51 mc range
spread over one third of the dial range. Receiver is triple
conversion type, has sensitivity of  1 uv for 10 db (s+n)/n or
better. Noisefigure is 6-8 db.Transmitter operates at power input
of 24 watts, has six crystal control positions with socket for
external VFO. Crystals are in the 8.333 to 9 mc range. Equipment
has push-to-talk provisions. 2-way power supply, 12V DC and 115V
AC is built in. DC supply is transistorized.  Manual available
free at the BAMA Archives. Comes with the original AC power cord
and fused plug.
Will sell for $150.00 plus shipping

Pictures available

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