"New" R-390 and (off topic) Galaxy R-530

Grant Youngman nq5t at HOME.COM
Tue Aug 29 09:08:55 EDT 2000

Gents ...

Several months ago I picked up in the wind a rumor that Rick Mish (Miltronics)
was acquiring and restoring a small number of R-390's (non-A).  I acquired
one of Rick's R-390A's (1967 EAC) a few years ago, and have been
immensely happy with it, so I looked into the R-390 possibility.

One thing led to another .... and a couple of weeks ago my "new"  Collins
R390 arrived, fully reconditioned, beautifully renovated, and operating
flawlessly.  Like the R-390A renovated by Rick, an appliance radio in the
finest sense of the word.

This is really just an unsolicited plug ... in the event you happen to come
across a well cared for A or non-A done by Rick, it would be hard to go
wrong.  These aren't your hamfest variety radios.  And of course, they aren't
priced that way either ...  but IMHO you get your money's worth and then

This is the off-topic part ...  just acquired a Galaxy R-530 (ca. 1970, sand-
state, Wadley loop, NICE radio!)  and would like to communicate (off the list,
please)  with anyone else who has one.

Grant Youngman -- NQ5T
nq5t at home.com
Double Oak, TX (near Dallas)

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