Bob Peters soundimp at POBOX.COM
Tue Aug 29 20:04:25 EDT 2000

If any of you saw the add in AmTrader in the Collins F/S
don't bother making the drive to Memphis....I  bought the whole
lot and got there to pick up only to find a  disaster...The A4
and Speaker are worth the $$  asked but he couldn't find the
filters!!!!!  The R390  is a  junker as well  as the ARR15 Rcvrs
all  in pieces .....The 312B5 was worth the asking price and oh btw  he
decided to keep the B4... Luckily I  got the deposit that I sent Fed X
back....Just a  heads up in case any of you
decide to buy it...His advertisement was 80% false....
Just a  heads up so no one makes a  20 hour trip for nothing!!!!Just call
me GUPPY!!!! AmTrader should pull the add
and not run it again till the old timer changes it...JUNK F/S

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