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Linda K Hedges kb0rkw at JUNO.COM
Wed Aug 30 09:41:04 EDT 2000

Hi !

I usually do not write anything to this server, just read all the
messages that come through. But I thought maybe, someone out there, could
possibly help this woman and all the people in MT dealing with the fires.

There are two messages here, the original, asking for the specific radio,
and the second is an explanation of why they need such, addressed to me.

Thanks in advance to anyone who could possibly help her out, and please
address any reply concerning this radio to her at the address below:

crittersforkids at in-tch.com - her name is Rene Gardner

She is also a former HAM that did not renew her license.

                        Linda Hedges - KB0RKW - kb0rkw at juno.com

------Original Message------
From: "Rene' Gardner" <crittersforkids at in-tch.com>
To: Linda K Hedges <kb0rkw at juno.com>
Sent: August 28, 2000 4:37:10 PM GMT
Subject: Re: Radio needed

I am looking for a radio, help!
Multi Group
Multi Mode
5 Watt
If we cant locate the exact same thing at least something that is field
programmable, Please if anyone has anything let me know ASAP????

From: "Rene' Gardner" <crittersforkids at in-tch.com>
To: Linda K Hedges <kb0rkw at juno.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 18:07:46 -0500
Subject: Re: Radio Help

First of all the radio is yes a military also needed by the fire
fighters which they are short of, its for my Dh who yes is aliscensed
user and head of the medical for the flathead area, it will be
programmed for the fires, today he may have lost his to another fire and
needs one which are back ordered and one doesnt hqave to be liscensed to
buy one, we haqve one just dont have the battery backup as they are back
ordered and his is very old.
But thanks for checking!

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