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Holden holden at NAC.NET
Wed Aug 30 17:21:57 EDT 2000

Prices below do not include shipping from 07465.

Heathkit IG-5280 AF/RF solid state signal generator, IPA-5280-1 power
supply. Fully functional, generator is in excellent comsetic condition,
no mods, clean inside and out, runs on PS or batteries. No manual. Power
supply very good, with two plugs for this series of test equipment. Will
not split. Asking $35 OBO.

National NC-270 ham bands receiver 80-6 meters non-WARC. CW, AM, USB,
LSB, switchable AGC, 5 position selectivity, ANL, AF and RF gain,
S-meter, notch filter. Fully functional with very light control noise on
the AF and RF pots. Only mod is a small speaker neatly installed in the
top of the case. Front panel no dents or dings,  all lettering intact,
two small bare spots, on either side of the REC/STBY switch, small spot
of masking tape residue between tuning knob and S-meter. Case very good,
no dents or dings, paint not bad.  Asking $200 OBO.

Command Set transmitter BC-458A, 5.3 - 7.0 MHz. RCAF model, listed as
mod B2. All tubes and 6 MHz crystal. Case, chassis, front, bottom all in
good shape, no major dents or dings, all covers, knobs, clips, screws
etc intact. Minor muck in and out. Roller inductor and variometer
intact. Has a SO-239 installed on the front panel, and an octal socket
for power on the rear. Functionality unknown. Asking $40 OBO.

Lafayette capacitor checker - simple "magic eye" indicator tube. Only
tests if "good" or "bad". Works. Size about 5 X 5 X 8. $5.

Box of seven 2C39 lighthouse tubes. All fils good, otherwise not tested.
$10 the box.

3E29/829 dual power tube with Johnson 122-247-1 ceramic socket and base
shield. Fil good, otherwise not tested, no sign of gas or vac leak. $15

5894 dual power tube, fil OK, otherwise not tested, so sign of gas or
vac leak. $15 OBO

Pair of tube sockets 4 pin larger than 811 size smaller than 203 size,
two locking clips on each socket. Sockets are ceramic rings about 4.5"
diameter. PN is CEJ-49378 (??) $5 the pair.

Johnson 124-105 socket, fits 4X150 series tubes. Unused. $5.

Box of four butterfly type dual UHF capacitors. Each 2.8 - 10.5 pF per
section. Johnson # 167-201-6. Unused but some tarnish. $10 the box.

 Howie WB2AWQ

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