Receiver transformer

Paul Litwinovich paull at WSHU.ORG
Tue Feb 1 20:52:41 EST 2000

-I'm still hoping to find a transformer or complete power supply for a
National HRO, but if I can't, I'll take a transformer with the following
specs :, 300v CT (600 end to end) @ 70mA , 6.3 v fil winding @ 3A and
isolated 5V fil. winding for the rectifier tube.  The B+ winding could be
260 to 300V but not more than 300.  I think that a transformer from the old
RCA Radiola line would work, from later versions with 6 volt filiments and
would be the right shape, basically a square or rectangular box, and would
look like the HRO tx.  I could live with a 2.5 volt filament version since
my HRO has the sockets labeled for both the 2.5 volt and 6 volt tubes and I
have both. The power supply uses a type 80 rectifier with about a 60 volt
drop @ 70mA. The goal is to produce a 230 - 240 V B+.

Paul Litwinovich

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