Johnson refinishing...why so expensive?

Russ Hunt wq3x at POSTOFFICE.PTD.NET
Wed Feb 9 18:28:39 EST 2000

I think the price is fine based on the amount of work and the investment
made as detailed in Dutch's reply. However, I don't particularly like the
candy-coated look  and I don't think "better than factory" is always a good
thing. (I have seen these panels myself and they are flawless and
beautiful.) I prefer the original look even with a few scratches. Years from
now these will be the more desirable rigs to own. My own opinion. (Fender
sells factory-beat up new guitars complete with rust, dings and cigarette
burns for more than the standard models, so there is something to be said
for the patina of age!)

This is a hobby and each to his own. I also restore Matchless motorcycles
and there are people that prefer that "concours" - eat off it - look. In
that hobby as well as ours there is such a thing as OVER-restored. That's
fine with me - notice how I'm trying to be diplomatic! The great thing is
you can do whatever you want - Just plug it in and use it while you are
admiring it!

73, Russ WQ3X
wq3x at

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