160 & 80 meter (4)572B amp $325.00

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Fri Feb 11 22:25:44 EST 2000

This used to be a stock Hunter Bandit 2000A hf amp. Runs four 572Bs. Power
out is 1100 watts on 160 and 80. Modified to work only on 160 and 80 meters.
 This is a tinkerer's amp. I have not installed the vacuum relay (Jennings
 and included) to allow automatic switching btwn 160 and 80. This will
 in the extra Tune Cap padders for 160. The way it is now you need to go in
 and manually change a strap for either 160 or 80 meters. The bandswitch is
 modified to select 160 low or 160 high and 80 low and 80 high. The plate
 idling current is abt 300mA so you will need to go in and fix the zero
 signal anode current and get it back down to abt 100mA at idle. Probably
 resistor blew out. I have been using this amp daily on 160. I ran an
 additional muffin fan on the top of the unit so if I was not going to be
 xmitting for a few minutes I would turn the amp off but the tubes would be
 kept cool with the external muffin fan. After a few minutes of drawing
 the tubes do show color. This helped the tubes. 100 watts in gives 1100
 Same for 80. Plate voltage is 2500 at idle and drops to 2200 under load at
 amp of plate current. Wired for 240 but can swap it back to 120. The high
 voltage has a total of three taps. 2500, 2100, 1800 vdc (approximate) so
 could drop in some 811As if you wanted to. I have two manuals for this with
 complete parts list and schematics.
 Comes with four US made 572Bs which are a mix of brands, some Cetron, some
??. No chinese tubes, all American. This is a neat amp. I am also including
a spare bandswitch identical to the original which has six positions so if
you are feeling froggy you could turn it into a six band amp covering 160 to
10 meters or a REAL low band special covering 160H, 160L, 80H, 80L, 40H, and

Cosmetics are fair. Front panel not trashed but this thing is 30+ years old.
I will pack it very well and ship the tubes seperately double boxed.

 Price for the amp with tubes is $325.00 and it you do not need the tubes I
 will sell it for $225.00. I will not sell the tubes by themselves, even
after the amp is sold since I have other amps that use these tubes.

 BTW I used really nice 5kv transmit type doorknobs for the tune and load
padders which are NOT cheap.

 Buyer covers UPS charges on 50 pounds from San Diego 92139.

San Diego

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