Lynn A Brock n0alo at PRODIGY.NET
Sun Feb 13 16:45:32 EST 2000

Have for sale Heathkit model BE-4 Battery Eliminator. Adjustable
>voltage ranges 0-6 and 0-12. Amps 6V=10, 12V=5. No manual.
>Apperance is excellent. 4 very small nicks on front panel, no wear
>marks. Meters look like they just came out of the box. Gray cinkle
>on the case is excellent. Have not powered it up because I have no
>way to bring the power up in slow steps for the caps. No idea of the
>value so selling it for what I feel it is worth to me. $65 plus
>shipping from 67501
>Reply direct - Lynn
>n0alo at prodigy.net

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