military tube tester data beta available...

Nolan Lee nlee at GS.VERIO.NET
Sun Feb 13 17:45:00 EST 2000

The Excel version of the settings data for the TV-2 series military
tube testers is slowly getting there and now covers everything from
the 00A to the 809 that I have data for. There's over 1800 lines of
settings data so far and I have a hell of a long ways to go. I'm
dreading the xxxx four digit tube numbers. :-)

For the source material, I'm using the roll chart out of my TV-2B
and the June 1966 edition of the little 72 page TV-2 series supplement
book TB 11-6625-316-12/1

If you have later source material, contact me. I'd like to include
any settings in it that are lacking from the material that I have.

At any rate, a BETA of the file is available from

It's a zipped archive containing an Excel workbook format file and
contains nothing except the settings. This is a BETA. Error checking
of the data is non existent, or nearly so. There ARE errors in the
original roll chart and the supplement book. I've caught some of
them. I've probably also added a few thru typos on my part. VERIFY
the data before you use it.

If you don't have or use MS Excel, you can download a free Excel
file viewer for Windows based machines from Microsoft at:

I don't mind putting this type of information together and making
it freely available. This is my third such project involving military
tube tester data. BUT, I could really use some outside help in
checking the data for errors, typos, missing data, etc.

I'm debating on possibly taking the data, once it's all typed in
and well checked for errors, and putting in into a database format
with a nice little search interface. The killer is the initial
typing of the data. After that, cut and paste will be REAL nice.

Also, the next project will be an electronic version of the TV-7
series tube tester data. I had originally planned to do it before
the TV-2 series roll chart, but my response for supplements and
changes to the 1962 manual really sucked so I'm still in the
information gathering stages for the TV-7 testers.

If you go to you
can see the TV-7 source material that I've got. I need a mess of
missing supplements to the 1962 11-6625-274-12/1 manual. I don't
want your originals. Sharp clear photocopies are fine.

Even though the I-177 series project is "finished", I'm still
looking for manuals or supplements other than the dozen or so that
I used to create the Excel file for it. A list of the manuals that
I used is available at:
along with the actual I-177 settings data file. I think that there's
a total of 3000 or so lines of settings data in it for using the
I-177 series both with and without the MX-949x adapter box.

thanks in advance,

"if you see us running, catch up"
bomb squad motto

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