Collector quality Kenwood PS-30 and other Kenwood items FS

Ken Simpson W8EK at FDT.NET
Mon Feb 14 20:05:59 EST 2000

For Sale:

Kenwood PS-30 power supply.  This is the 20 amp supply
that is made to match the TS-120, TS-130, and TS-180
xcvrs.  It has the standard Kenwood 6 pin connector on it,
plus a terminal strip that can be used to hook up a 2 meter
rig, or whatever.     This particular unit looks just like it came
out of the box.  It would be a 9.9.  It even includes the raised
feet for the front to give it the "tilt" look.  Definately a collector
quality unit.  $ 135

Other Kenwood items for sale:

Kenwood TH-21 AT, 2 meter HT.  Small size, about the
size of a pack of cigarettes.  Fully synthesized with
thumbwheel frequency selection.  A very good performer.
This one is in great shape, and includes a very good battery,
charger, rubber duck, and both operating and service
manuals for $100.

Kenwood BC-6 fast desk charger.  Charges PB-21
and PB-21 H battery packs, as used on the Kenwood
TH-21 / 31 / 41 series of HTs.  Holds two batteries,
charging one and then the other.  Takes about an hour
to charge.  It can also be used to power the radio
for base station use.  With manual for $ 70

Kenwood DC-21.  Converts 13 V DC to 8 V for the
TH-21/31/41 series of HTs.  Plugs into cigarette lighter
and powers the HT. In box, like new, with manual.  $ 25

Kenwood SC-15 soft case.  New, still sealed in the
package, never opened.  $ 15

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



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