Upgraded FL-2100 amp $395 shipped

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Feb 16 22:45:54 EST 2000

Now reduced to $395 shipped loweer 48

> I have an excellent yaesu FL-2100 amp. Pair of 572bs (newer Cetrons, VERY
> low air time). I have installed a cathode protect fuse in the filament
> center tap winding. It is on the rear panel. Opens in case their is a tube
> flashover. Also have installed new high voltge meter multiplier resistors.
> Also completely tore the fans down to parade rest, regreased and
> reassembled. The swr circuitry has been removed. The meter and switch is
> still inplace. I was going to use the switch to select 160 meters but
> got around to doing the mod. The plate current meter has glitch protect
> diodes installed to protect the meter movement in the event of a tube
> flashover. The amp is totally protected and it looks and works great. 100
> watts in will get 800 watts on 80, 40, and 20. A little less on 17, 15,
> and 10 meters. Use 15 meter band for 17 and use the 10 meter band for 12.
> you have a solid state rig you'll need to run the auto tuner since the
> inputs are not a low enough Q to offer a low VSWR for 17 and 12. I get 700
> out on 17 with my 850 driving the amp at abt 110 watts.
> This is a really nice VERY operational amp. It has been my backup amp for
> some time now but I want to play around with an Ameritron AL-811H so I
> to sell this first. I have the original manual. I will professionally pack
> and double box the amp and tubes and they will both be shipped seperately
> via UPS ground. $395 gets it to your door. You will not be disappointed.
> postal money orders get amp shipped out without delay.
> 73s
> Lane
> Ku7i
> San Diego
> 619-470-6528

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