last of hp test equip manuals FS

tom p daley g-sixty_three at JUNO.COM
Fri Feb 18 13:41:31 EST 2000

hello i have the following test equip manuals for sale:

 1. hp counter 5300b good condition $15
 2. hp oscilloscope four channel vertical amplifer 1804a in
     good condition. $15
 3. hp oscilloscope time base and delay generator 1812a in
     good condition. $15
 4. hp oscillator 204c/204d good condition. NOW $10
 5. hp test oscillator 651b good condition. $15
 6. hp digital multimeter 3466a good condition. $15
 7. hp powermeter 435a with supplements. good condition. NOW  $15

some manuals have a couple of notes on covers or inside pages.
plus shipping. no flakes !! thanks tom

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