Looking for Ranger, Valiant, or DX-100

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Sun Feb 20 05:28:12 EST 2000

Well after over 23 e-mails abt what to use and after extensive reading in the mid to late 50s Handbooks it is time to look for a nice AM xmtr. It needs to have at least a single 6146 in the final and have a built in vfo. I would like to purchase a Johnson Ranger 1 or 2, Valiant 1 or 2, or DX-100 or 100B. Must be very clean and not need major work to get it 100% operational. I prefer something that is totally operational.

I have to offer in trade/partial trade:

(4) 572B tubes. Full output American, I think Cetrons.
(1) Eimac 3-500Z, used, but 100% full output.
(8) 6146 tubes. A mix of straights, As, and Bs. All full out.

of course I can buy outright with $$ if you are not interested in the tubes.

Pls state condx of rig, manual or no manual, and cost to include shipping to San Diego 92139.

San Diego
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