FS HRO Coils etc

Joe Sloss sloss at MINDSPRING.COM
Mon Feb 21 18:56:43 EST 2000

FS:  HRO "F" coil - for a -50/50T-1/60.  Has black wrinkle finish, does not have typical HRO-60 metal plate. $95.  HRO-50/50T-1 B & D coil $35 ea.  EFJ Valiant $200 - cosmetically great.  Has not been turned on for decades.  Want a National SW-3 doghouse 2 1/2V filament ACPS or a transformer to roll my own.  Ten-Tec PM-3A.  Restorable.  Someone added a few switches to have a 3rd band, $125/obo.  Joe K7MKS
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