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Thu Feb 24 09:51:54 EST 2000

Hello Fellow AMrs
Thanks for the info on Timonium HF, guys. Looks like for sure I will be
Those interested in a PANEL / CAB SWAP OUT for a Johnson ranger ($250.) or a
Valiant-1 ($285.), plan on bringing ur old set w / you. But in any case They
will be there on display along w / I hope another Valiant (plug & run) + +.
For those that might not know what I do for Johnson stuff. These are
completely refurbed cabinets & panels including computer regenerated silk
screening all in original colors. They are BETTER than original because I'm
useing new generation finishes like what you see on new cars. See my home
page for some pics, etc. Btw, I now do the Ranger-2 ($250.). Soon I will be
doing Hammar HQ-170 / 180 series radios. Its now in the mill. If you have
questions, feel free to email.
Again I appreciate all of your support in these projects......
Warm regards
Patty & Dee's Marina  Collectors of "firebottle" stuff 534 W. Main St.
Waynesboro, Va. 22980
(540)249-3161 cell: (540)471-7023

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