FL-2100 $385/trade AM xmtr

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Fri Feb 25 21:16:55 EST 2000

My backup amp is for sale again since the California ham never sent the
> check. It runs a pair of new Cetron 572Bs. 100watts of drive gives 800
> out 80 to 20 meters. Slightly less on 15 to 10. Works FB on the 17 and 12
> meter bands with the bandswitch in the 15 and 10 meter position
> respectively. if you are using a solid state driver it is best to hit the
> auto=tuner on the warc bands since the tuned input circuit on the amp does
> not offer a good input vswr on 17 and 12 (not designed for those bands but
> the amps works great on warc). Cosmetics are really nice, overall front
> panel an 8 or so out of 10. I have added a cathode fuse in the filament
> center tap. I use a 3/4 amp fuse which will blow in the event of a
> flashover, etc. I also added meter protect diodes accross the plate
> meter to protect the meter also. new high voltage meter multiplier
> resistors. The useless vswr circuitry has been removed. I was going to use
> the vswr fwd/ref switch to select the extra components for 160 which was a
> mod that I never got around too. I have an original manual. Works on 120
> 240 input. Plate voltage at idle is abt 2500 volts and under full load of
> half amp of plate current it drops to abt 2200 or so. You can also select
> lower tap on the stock xmfr to run a pair of 811As if you wish. The lower
> tap will drop the plate voltge down to abt 1800 volts. This is a great amp
> that has been my main and then my backup for over a year. It is ready to
> Also the 120 vac cooling fans were totally rebuilt abt 3 months ago and
> are totally silent and move a LOT of air over the tubes.
> Cash price for the amp is $385 shipped lower 48. Amp and tubes will be
> seperately and both double boxed and shipped UPS ground and also insured.
> I will consider a trade for a nice BA am xmtr like a Johnson Valiant,
> Ranger, Viking II with vfo, DX-100, etc.. Whatever it is it must have
> coverage on 160 meters. Must have a vfo. depending on what you have would
> determine on if we do an even trade or not.
> 73s
> Lane
> Ku7i
> San Diego

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