FS: Tubes at 20c to $5 each

Brian Carling af4k at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat Jan 1 07:44:36 EST 2000

Tubes for sale at even further reduced prices:
(Now 20 cents to $5.00 each!!)

At this rate I will soon give these away free!

Massively reduced group of AUDIO,  RADIO &  Sweep Tubes etc.

Quantity available is ONE (1) unless otherwise noted!

All used tubes are good, tested.

6CD6GA Sylvania (QTY 4) NIB           $4.50 each

6CD6GA  G.E. NIB                      $3.00

6DE4 Philco, used in box              $.25

6H6 Ken-Rad used in box               $.25

6JZ8 New, in white box                $0.50

6KM6 Power Tube, G.E., NIB            $5.00

6KN6 Power Tube, Sylvania, NIB        $5.00

6L6GC Hitachi, new, no box            $5.00

6LR6 Power Tube, G.E. used in box     $4.00

6SL7GT RCA used in box                $1.00

6SN7GT Crosley used in box            $2.00

6SN7GT Tung Sol used in box           $2.00

6W4GT Mullard Used in box             $2.00

6W4 Tung-sol used in box              $1.00

6X5 RCA used in box                   $0.20

25L6GT, G.E. used in box              $1.00

23LW6 Sweep tube, in box              $4.00

35LR6 Power Tube, G.E. (2), NIB       $5.00 each
35LR6, RCA (1), Nearly New G.E. Box   $4.00

35Z5 used in box                      $0.25

37 RCA used in box                    $2.00

42KN6 Power Tube, RCA, NIB            $5.00

5881 Sovtek, new, no box              $5.00

Shipping additional

Please take ALL of the above 26 tubes
for only $62.00 plus shipping

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