Circuit board specialties

Dexter Francis cwest at XMISSION.COM
Sun Jan 2 10:06:28 EST 2000

I dont know about Circuit Board Specialties, but FAR Circuits is still
alive and kicking.
Fred has done boards for the PacketMac Modem and 6KY8 Single Tube
Transmitter Kit
for me and I've been uniformly happy with his work.  You can e-mail him at
farcir at
and I'm pretty sure there is a Web site too.



> Is the firm Circuit Board Specialties still in business?? They provided
> circuit boards for some of the ARRL projects  years back.
> If  they are, can someone please provide a tel number or email address.
> Thanks es best of the season to all.
> 73 Lorne Ve7box.

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