FS: Handsets with PTT button . . .

Brian Carling af4k at EARTHLINK.NET
Tue Jan 4 07:20:01 EST 2000

On 3 Jan 00, at 20:31, Dave wrote:

> Sadly, only TWO actually ever sent any money for one!!  The other
> 25 or so must have changed their minds but not thought to tell me

Yes, Dave. This happens occasionally. It has been a LITTLE better than that
here! Sometimes people just forget, or they have circumstances that prevent
them following through, but as several have mentioned on here lately, guys
if you say you are going to send for something, and change your mind,
PLEASE e-mail the party and let them KNOW!

Have a great new year, with many happy hours at the radios and the

73 de AF4K

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