Fred E Holnagel w7prv at JUNO.COM
Tue Jan 4 18:48:59 EST 2000

Misc parts cluttering up my space!

1. Pair (2pcs) capacitors from HP-series and SB-400 series power
    Removed from working SB-400 with other problems. 125 mfd. at 450 V.
    (Have mounting flanges on bottom.)

2. Power transformer from SB-400 same specs as the power supplies, use as
  or to build a supply.  #54-143 and 549-6445.    $12

3. LMO from SB-400     #110-13.  Guaranteed w/ tube.  $25

4.  Set of tubes less finals and Lmo tube from SB-400 checked good.
Includes compactrons. $20

5. Matched pair of RCA 8298A finals tested to 100 watts on another rig.
Key broken on one. $17.50

6.  SB-Cabinet. Original paint.  No dents, no scratches, some small
flaking. $22.50

7. Many switches, main boards, switched boards from SB's and HW, etc. ??

8. Set of band Xtals (8) two high band 10 meter Xtals changed to cover CB
band. On board from SB-300 $22.50

9. Heathkit Home Protection Receiver Model GD-77  No manual.  Excellant
condition and appearance. $10

 All above plus shipping.  Most will be $3.20 or less.  Cabinet,
transformer, receiver, actual cost of shipping.

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