Sprague TO-6

Sun Jan 9 12:24:07 EST 2000

Hello Everyone,

I really need to beg/borrow/buy/copy a manual for my recently
acquired Sprague TO-6 capacitor (condenser for you guys of my
age) checker. Anyone who can/would like to help? I am presuming
that the manual has calibration instructions. (How do you spell

Also, can anyone tell me the differneces between the TO-6 and
the TO-6A?

Lastly, can any of the wise ald sages reading this tell me the
relative merit of the military ZM-11 cap tester. I've not seen
one but the military test equipment is typically excellent.
Excellent is good. Assuming that I'd like the ZM-11, does anyone
know where I might find one?


Denis Sharon  W1AOK
Ridgefield, CT  06877


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