Wanted: SCR-522 or Gonset Commander Mod. Driver Xfmr.

DavidC eDoc at NETZERO.NET
Thu Jan 13 15:14:25 EST 2000

A friend is helping me to restore a Gonset Commander HF
transmitter.  We need to replace the driver transformer in the
modulation chain.

We have been told that the SCR-522 (military surplus) transmitter
uses the identical driver and modulation xfmrs.

If someone has the Gonset driver transformer or a parts SCR-522 we
could harvest one from please contact me.

I am also in need of a dc-to-dc supply for the Gonset.  300 volts at
200ma plus 6.3 at 3 or 4 amps.  I would be interested in a transformer
that will provide that and we will build the dc-dc supply about it.

- Thanks! & 73, DavidC  K1YP in Hudson, FL

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