Telefunken Operette

Al Waschka awaschka at PALMNET.NET
Sun Jan 23 23:42:04 EST 2000

Hello and sorry if this isn't quite in the charter.  I don't really know
if this reflector is restricted to ham radios, and I have seen
entertainment posts recently so here's mine.  If off topic, I apologize
and solicit the name of an appropriate group or reflector.

A friend of my son who has given me scads of old tubes and components
from his late father's workshop has asked me to look at his old family
radio and see what needs to be done to put it back in working
condition.  Of course, I plan to take care of it for him, but I do not
have a schematic.  Does anyone have a manual, schematic and/or alignment
instructions for the Telefunken Operette?  I would gladly pay copy and
mailing costs.



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