Bendix RA-1 receiver

Michael Hanz AAFRadio at EROLS.COM
Tue Jan 25 07:10:29 EST 2000

Bill Evans wrote:
> Can anyone on the reflector contribute any information on
> this unit, in terms of what it was used for, dates of
> possible manufacture and use, output power and so forth?

Late thirties to mid forties general coverage receiver, generally paired
with the TA-2 transmitter series.  Popular in commercial air service,
but also a standard receiver in a couple of US Navy patrol aircraft - I
can send you the types if you're interested.  The British Commonwealth
countries also used a lot of Bendix stuff in WWII, but I have no data
here on those aircraft types - can't keep track of the US ones as it
is.  :-)  The external dynamotor is a bit hard to find, but the voltages
are not difficult to supply - 28vdc, and 230vdc at 100mA.  This
dynamotor frame was actually used in most of the other Bendix nav
receivers like the MN-26, etc, though the filter box underneath is
unique to the RA-1.  I think this is the only general coverage aircraft
receiver Bendix ever made.  Nice receiver, though a bit noisy because of
the mixer tube selection.  I think I have an extra xerox copy of a
manual somewhere if you need it.

Mike Hanz  KC4TOS

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