FS: Bunch of panel meters

Sun Jan 30 18:59:38 EST 2000

Hello all,

I'm cleaning out the shop and have the following for sale.  I really want to try to sell
these AS A LOT, so for now the following meters are a single item.  All are roughly
3 inches or so as follows:

Westinghouse 0-100 uA DC Square face - bakelite
Weston 0-100 mA DC Round face - metal
Weston 0-1 mA DC Round face - metal
Weston 0-10 mA Round face - labeled 'Antenna Current' - Qty. 2
Weston 0-15 VAC Round face - bakelite
Weston 0-20 mA DC Round face - metal
Weston 0-5 A AC Round face - metal
GE 0-600 A Square face - plastic
GE 0-100 mA DC Square face - plastic - Qty. 2
Simpson 0-1 mA DC Round 
Unknown make - 0-1 VAC and DBM (dual scale) - rectangular metal

I'd like to sell the lot of 13 meters for $50 plus shipping.  That's under $4 per
meter.  All are in good condition and working.  All have been removed from
equipment over the years and have been in storage in my shop.

Can email jpegs of the lot to serious inquiries.

Thanks for the bandwidth.


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