FS or T: Benton Harbor Lunchboxes[via LSMTP - see www.lsoft.com]

Avery Comarow acomarow at USNEWS.COM
Sat Jul 1 08:13:52 EDT 2000

Hey, Gary, you're not even close to the guy with 30 or 40 (he wasn't sure)
Zenith TO's who posted to another list a couple of days ago. 21 Lunchboxes,
big deal.

Maybe you got confused because of all those stories about lunchboxes from
the '50s becoming big collectibles...?

Sympathetically, Avery W3AVE in Potomac, Md.

At 07:21 AM 7/1/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>P.S.  Why do I have 21 Lunchboxes?  Good question but no good answer.  I
>guess I went through a phase or something.  :o)
>Gary H. Harmon, Jr.

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