Lunchboxes[via LSMTP - see]

John W. King jbkking at BELLSOUTH.NET
Sat Jul 1 10:25:32 EDT 2000

Gary: You got any lunches in them there boxes? Iffin you do I might come
to see you. You might jus be gooder off then you thunk. Remember there
is "sometimes" a silver lining behind a cloud, people who live in stone
houses don't throw glass, where theres smoke, somthing might be screwed
up, and if it wasn't for John Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald would probably
still be with us! Cheer up things could be worse! Sorry I didn't make
Belton last time and get to see you, hopefully October. 73, John, K5PGW
(Honor graduate Come Lordy Lordy, Texas Aggie School of Philosophy)

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