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hello the following is for sale

see them at:

 1. Kinght kit kn-135 tube am-fm tuner in good
    condition and working. some minor dust and
    muck. almost like two receivers on a single
    chassis. kind of neat $35

 2. B&K solid state multimeter in good condition
    and works well. the unit is fairly clean.
    some minor dust and muck. with original manual
    and leads. $35

 3. TS325 military multimeter in very good shape.
    working and complete. with original probes
    and manual. clean ! $25

 4. zenith am-fm tube table radio in good shape
    and works well. some minor muck and dust.
    6 tube design with ext ant input for fm. $20

 5. RCP "DO-ALL" vtvm in good condition and
    appears to work ok. front panel very nice
    and case has some minor wear. non-original
    leather handle. no probes. $20

 6. Accurate Instrument co model 157 compact tube
    tester in good condition. with manual/chart
    and update dated 1963. unit works and is clean
    inside. outer case has wear and muck and minor
    rust on chrome parts. $35

 7. Paco g-30 rf signal generator in good shape
    and working. nice front panel. covers to 240mhz
    some muck and dust from sitting. one non-orig
    knob. generates 1000hz audio too $30

 8.  zenith am bcst receiver 5 tube design in fair-
     good condition. seems to work ok some muck-and
     dust. nice looking $15

 9.  h264/prr9 military headset (earphone) nice shape
     and works. includes coiled cord, behind the ear
     holder and plug $3

10.  military tube socket test adapters.  one for
     829/5894 style tubes and another for 2c39 style
     tubes. they convert to common octal. could use
     with any tester (you figure out switch settings)
     pair $15

see them at:

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