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Recent Additions to the BAMA collection:

Wiring diagram for the Astatic D-104 microphone from Mike Dinelli,
Owners manual for Autek MK-1 keyer.
Owners manual for Babcock MT-5B from R. Campbell.
Manual for B&W VS1500A Antenna Tuner from Mark Schiebl, WB5HVB.
Manual for Drake TR-3 from Dave Hinerman, WD8CIV.
Schematic for Eico 710 GDO from an anonymous friend.
Manual for Gonset GSB-101 linear amplifier from Scott Whitlow.
Manual for Gonset 6 mtr.  Sidewinder Model 910A from Don Brooks, W5ORW.
Manual for Hallicrafters HA-6 from Tom Hoitenga, K8NGV.
Owners manual for Hallicrafters S-72 from John Brautlacht.
Service Bulletin for Hallicrafters S-51from J. Lostalé, EA1BJK.
Schematic for Hallicrafters SX-99 Mk1D added to SX-99 folder from John
Service info for Hallicrafters S-22 from John Brautlacht.
Owners manual for Hallicrafters S-120 from Collin Collier, N4TUA.
Manual for HT-44 in pdf format from Jeff Goodspeed - KA9S.
Adobe Acrobat version of HQ-129X manual from Alan Bird.
Service notes from the Hammarlund factory for the HQ-170.
Schematic for Hammarlund Comet Pro from Larry Kenan KO6SM.
Schematic for Heath Apache TX-1 transmitter from Jim Monsion, W8VXH.
Partial manual for Heath HP-1144A from Bob Cole, W4RLC.
Partial manual for Heath MR-1 from Don Stalkowski, VE3HUR.
Partial manual for Heath MT-1 from Don Stalkowski, VE3HUR.
Partial manual of Heath QF-1 from Bob Cole, W4RLC.
Operating and Technical Manual for Alpha 78 from Mark Schiebl, WB5HVB.
Manual for Heath C-3 Capacitor Checker from Garey Barrell, K4OAH.
Manuals for Heath HM-15 Reflected Power Meter and SWR Bridge and
Manual for Heath HP-23A power supply from Art Driggers, N4JK.
Service Bulletin for Heath HW-16 from Ron Lamb, WB7VDN.
Partial Manual for Heath VF-1 from Ron Lamb, WB7VDN.
Owners manual for Heath GC-1A receiver from Jim Jackson.
Heath HN-31 Cantenna Dummy RF Load, both from an unknown source.
Notes on using Heath SB-10 with Heath DX-40.
Manual for the HP-3200B VHF Oscillator from Wayne Maxwell, KD4YGU.
Instruction manual for Hy-Gain 14-AVQ.
Manual for the Knight KG-625 VTVM from Wayne Maxwell, KD4YGU.
Manual for Lafayette HE-74 HF VFO from Ron Lamb, WB7VDN.
Schematic of Marconi Ship's Main Receiver SMR-3 from Gord Skiffington,
Manual for post-WW II Meissner Signal Shifter from Norm Hall, W6JOD.
Owners manual for Morrow FTR from Norm Hall, W6JOD.
Partial manual for National HRO-5A1 from Ron Martinmaki, W9EOA.
Partial manual for National NC-80 from Ron Martinmaki, W9EOA.
Owners manual for National NC-173 receiver from Dave Hollander, N7RK.
Manual for National NC-100 and NC-101X from Dave Hollander, N7RK.
Partial manual for P & H LA-400B amplifier from Ron Martinmaki, W9EOA.
Manual for RME-69 receiver from John Dilks, K2TQN.
Owners manual for RME VHF-152 VHF converter from Jim Jackson.
Manual for Silver-Marshall 730 receiver from John Dilks, K2TQN.
Partial manuals for Squires-Sanders recievers and accessories including
 SS-1R, SS-1BS, SS-1S and SS-1V from Tom Hoitenga, K8NGV.
Schematic and missing page for Viking 500 from Ron Martinmaki, W9EOA.
Owners manual for Viking 1, Construction manual for Viking 1,
TVI-proofing manual for Viking 1, Mods for Viking 1 and Advertising
for Viking 1 and VFO122 from Ron Trepka, W8RON.
Construction manual for Johnson Viking Ranger.
Schematic for Yaesu FRG-7 from Joe Lane and Mike White, N4PDY.
Owners manual for Yaesu FV-101B from Frank Scott, VK3BFC.
Owners manual for Yaesu SP-101PB from Frank Scott, VK3BFC.

Come to and check out these new additions.
While you are there take advantage of the several hundred other
manuals and schematics that are available for free downloading.

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